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Personalized wooden child's name train

Personalized wooden child's name train

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Please specify the letters you need to spell out the child's name in the box called "Name needed."

Our custom-name wooden toy train for children is a unique decorative piece. The toy train includes an engine, a car for letters of your child's name, and a caboose. The cars are held together with magnets and can be pulled along a flat surface or used as a lively decoration in your child's room! This is a great gift item for a baby's room decoration or toddler's toy.

The engine is 5" long by 3 3/4 wide by 3 3/4 high; letter cars are 3 3/4 long by 3 3/4 wide by 3 3/8 high, caboose is 4 3/4 long by 3 3/4 wide by 2 3/4 high 

We recommend supervising your children while playing with any wooden toy. Any wooden object has the potential to break. Being there while your child is playing with the toy or potentially putting it in their mouth is recommended for your child's safety.

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