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Noah's ark puzzle

Noah's ark puzzle

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Here is a unique puzzle. Rather than a puzzle with animals inside an ark, the animals are stylized and arranged in such a manner that they ARE the ark.

The puzzle is 15 inches long, 5 1/8 high, and 3/4 thick.

Noah is 3 inches high, 1 3/4 wide, and 3/4 thick, and his wife is 2 3/4 high, 1 1/4 wide, and 3/4 thick.

The name of each animal is printed on the front, so you know which side is up. The orientation of the printed name also gives a clue as to how the pieces need to be arranged to complete the puzzle.

The puzzle is made from 3/4 inch thick unfinished poplar, so you can paint or finish it yourself after the puzzle has been completed.

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