Wooden toys vs. plastic toys

Wooden toys vs. plastic toys

Toy companies develop new toys every year, but sometimes what has been around for a long time still is best. In my own experience I have watched our son, grandchildren, and others' children and grandchildren rush over to the wooden toys as soon as they could.

Below are some of the advantages of wood toys over plastic toys.

  1. Safety. Plastic toys may contain harmful chemicals, and can break and leave sharp edges. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Rough play usually only results in scratches and dents, but if a wooden toy is broken it does not usually leave sharp edges and it can easily be glued back together.
  2. Sensory experience. Children experience with all their senses. Wood feels good to the touch, warn versus cold for plastic, and wood has a natural smell.
  3. Quality of play. Wooden toys tend to be simpler and leave more room for imaginative play.
  4. Aesthetics. Wooden toys look nicer than plastic ones.
  5. Eco-friendly. Wood is sustainable, recyclable, and bio-degradable. Wooden toys are built to last, not made to be thrown away.
  6. Benefits of children playing with wooden toys. They are classic and timeless, sturdy and durable. Wooden toys promote more creativity and imagination. Wooden toys are quieter (no built-in noisemakers), so parents can talk to their children while they play.

I probably have as much fun making wooden toys as children do playing with them. Treat your child or grandchild to a handmade wooden toy soon We have many to choose from.

Bob Fredrick

Bob's Home Woodshop

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